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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that inlcludes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

A practical guide to Singapore with specifics on dealing with the major ethnic population mix.

Basics such as your entry and customs requirements, pets, climate, healthcare, banking and taxes, housing, servants, schools and meeting people, start the book.

Phrases to know, as well as an explanation of etiquette, local accommodations, transportation-both public and private, are covered.

Specific information for those in business explains the local corporate culture, organizational structures and how women figure into the business operations.

Media, air and print, mail, legal systems and how to give gifts are covered.  As is tipping and where to shop and tour, the sports and entertainment to be found.

Contacts for specific expatriate information is highlighted.

A portion of the detailed section on business:

A handshake and warm "hello" is appropriate as an initial greeting.  The handshake should not be too firm or too long.  Muslims bring their hand back to their chest after shaking hands, and you should mirror them.

At the beginning of a business meeting, it is customary to exchange business cards with everyone present.  They must be given and received with both hands.  It is polite to hold the card and study it as you speak.  Do not present your business card with the left hand only.  One side of the card should be in English and the other side in Chinese.

Singaporeans are quite formal.  Do not use first names unless you are invited to do so.  Use "Mr." and "Mrs." to address everyone, and remember that the first word in a Chinese name is the surname.  Address businessmen by Mr. or Doctor, not by their title, and then the family name.

Go to your business contact's office to meet.  Business may be done at lunch, but rarely at dinner.

Arrive on time for your meetings and expect your Singaporean counterpart to be on time as well, unless pressing business delays him.  It will usually not be longer than 10 minutes.

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