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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that includes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

A practical guide to Mexico and how to live and work there with the Free Trade Agreement, advent of Maquiladora (twin plants) program and Shelter Companies.

Basics such as your entry and customs requirements, pets, climate, healthcare, banking and taxes, housing, servants, schools and meeting people, start the book.

Phrases to know, as well as an explanation of etiquette, local accommodations, transportation-both public and private, are covered.

Specific information for those in business explains the local corporate culture, organizational structures and how women figure into the business operations.

Media, air and print, mail, legal systems and how to give gifts are covered.  As is tipping and where to shop and tour, the sports and entertainment to be found.

Contacts for specific expatriate information is highlighted.

An excerpt from information on living in the various cities, this concerning Mexico City:

You should be aware that within Mexico City, vehicular traffic is restricted in order to reduce air pollution.  The restriction is based on the last digit of the vehicle license plate.  This applies equally to permanent, temporary, and foreign plates.  There is no specific provision regarding plates with letters only.

  • Monday:  No driving if license plate ends with 5 or 6
  • Tuesday:  No driving if license plate ends with 7 or 8
  • Wednesday:  No driving if license plate ends with 3 or 4
  • Thursday:  No driving if license plate ends with 1 or 2
  • Friday:  No driving if license plate ends with 9 or 0
  • Saturday and Sunday:  All vehicles may be driven

Because of the altitude of Mexico City, cars with internal combustion engines will operate at only 75% power.  Water should be checked often as it boils at a lower temperature.

Traffic is extremely congested and drivers are very aggressive in Mexico City, ignoring speed limits.


If you have an emergency while driving, call the Ministry of Tourism's hotline or (91)(5) 250-8221/8555 to obtain help form the "Green Angels" (Auxilo Turistico), a fleet of radio dispatched trucks with bilingual crews that operate daily.  Services include protection, medical first aid, mechanical aid for your car, and basic supplies.  You will not be charged for services, only for parts, gas and oil.  The Green Angels patrol daily, from dawn until sunset.  If you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift the hood of your car, chances are good they will find you.

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