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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that includes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

A practical guide to Italy with specifics on understanding the Italians who live in the most sensual of all countries.

Basics such as your entry and customs requirements, pets, climate, healthcare, banking and taxes, housing, servants, schools and meeting people, start the book.

Phrases to know, as well as an explanation of etiquette, local accommodations, transportation-both public and private, are covered.

Specific information for those in business explains the local corporate culture, organizational structures and how women figure into the business operations.

Media, air and print, mail, legal systems and how to give gifts are covered.  As is tipping and where to shop and tour, the sports and entertainment to be found.

Contacts for specific expatriate information is highlighted.

Among the detailed information on the things you can expect:

There are many choices for accommodations, especially in Venice, Florence and Rome, which are tourist centers.  Milan has few tourists, and the lodging caters to business travelers.  The prices are very high because of the expense account patrons.

Many of Italy's hotels are being upgraded and closed for renovation.  Reservations should be made and confirmed before arrival.

The variety includes five-star hotels, country inns, campgrounds, hostels and villas offered to rent.

In the major cities ask for one of the better rooms if you stay in a deluxe or superior first-class hotel.  Not all rooms are the same and guests often pay for things they are not getting.

The moderate or less expensive hotels often charge extra for air conditioning.  If a room is not satisfactory, ask to be given a different one.  Some front rooms are very noisy even though they may offer a view.

A bath or shower must be requested because not all rooms have them.  Some showers may be the drain-in-the-floor type.  A circular curtain bar is usually located by the toilet, and a shower head near the ceiling puts the water inside the curtain, which is pulled around the circular bar to create the shower area.  The entire bathroom usually gets wet in the process.  Personal items and other towels are removed to keep them dry.

NOTE:  The water taps are marked "C" for hot an "F" for cold.

Many budget hotels do not provide soap, or give only a very small bar per room.  None of the hotels have washcloths.

Taxes and service charges are included in the quoted room rate.  In deluxe hotels, the 19% IVA tax may show on the bill as a separate charge.  Most rates include breakfast, and the hotels expect guests to take advantage of this.

When checking into your hotel, you will be asked to leave your passport at the desk.  The clerk will need it to fill in the information about each guest on the police forms.

Hotels expect the room key to be left at the desk when you leave the hotel for even a few hours.

A woman traveling on her own should make reservations at a first class hotel.  Going into the bar will be perceived as an invitation for someone to try to pick her up.  If she does not want to be approached, she should be aloof and not respond to any overtures.

Hundreds of religious houses (convents and monasteries) offer accommodations at very reasonable rates that range from the very simple to the almost luxurious.

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