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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that includes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

A practical guide to Ireland, living there and doing business.

Basics such as your entry and customs requirements, pets, climate, healthcare, banking and taxes, housing, servants, schools and meeting people, start the book.

Phrases to know, as well as an explanation of etiquette, local accommodations, transportation-both public and private, are covered.

Specific information for those in business explains the local corporate culture, organizational structures and how women figure into the business operations.

Media, air and print, mail, legal systems and how to give gifts are covered.  As is tipping and where to shop and tour, the sports and entertainment to be found.

Contacts for specific expatriate information is highlighted.

An excerpt from the section on business:

Ireland's labor pool boasts of the youngest work force in the world.  The average age is just under 28.  The U.S. worker's average is 31, Japan's is 35.

Ireland educates twice as many youngsters relative to national wealth, as most European countries.  It also has Western Europe's highest proportions of computer-literate graduates.

Business and government office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and most businesses are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Ireland is bilingual - English and Gaelic.  Everyone speaks English and business is conducted in English.  Gaelic is spoken regularly only in Western Ireland.

NOTE:  Business trips to Ireland should be avoided during the first week in May when trade fairs take up most people's time.  In July and August, most places are closed for holiday.  The Christmas and New Year period is another time to avoid trying to do business in Ireland.

Appointments should be made by phone or letter prior to the desired meeting date.  Be on time, or not more that five minutes late.  However, the Irish are known to lack concern about being punctual for an appointment themselves.  This holds true in personal meetings also, and they may be a half hour or more late.

You may find little use for business cards in Ireland but it is a good idea to have yours with you.

Conservative business attire (suits and ties for men; suits, business dresses and wool blazers for women) will be appropriate for any business meeting.

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