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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that includes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

A practical guide to France.

Basics such as your entry and customs requirements, pets, climate, healthcare, banking and taxes, housing, servants, schools and meeting people, start the book.

Phrases to know, as well as an explanation of etiquette, local accommodations, transportation-both public and private, are covered.

Specific information for those in business explains the local corporate culture, organizational structures and how women figure into the business operations.

Media, air and print, mail, legal systems and how to give gifts are covered.  As is tipping and where to shop and tour, the sports and entertainment to be found.

Contacts for specific expatriate information is highlighted.

An excerpt from the information on living in France:

You can find plentiful furnished and unfurnished housing.  Within the city of Paris, rents are extremely high but less in the suburban areas.  The houses and apartments are small by U.S. standards.  They do not have closets or laundry rooms.  Storage areas, such as basements, are almost non-existent.

Rents do not include utilities such as water, gas, electricity or heating oil.  Trash removal and security people are also charged for in addition to the rental rate.

Two months rent deposit is required in advance and often several more are necessary.  Renting or purchasing fixtures may also add to your initial investment before moving in.  You must give a full six months' notice from the first of the month when you plan to move out.  If you fail to give six months' notice, you lose your deposit.

Your landlord will charge you for anything and everything that is damaged while you are living in the rental unit, so it is wise to do a wallk-through with the landlord and make notes of what condition everything is in before you move in.  Taking out household insurance is mandatory.  You should also inquire about central heating and when it is provided.  In many units it is only available from mid-November to mid-April.

Before you sign a lease, look into having a "diplomatic clause" added to the leasing agreement.  This clause is used by most foreigners who are working in France and allows them to reduce the move-out notice time to 30 or 60 days in case of an emergency situation or being transferred again by the company to another location.

La Defense is a new business and living center about 2 kilometers west of Paris.  It attracts many foreign businesspersons because of its mix of business, shopping and living quarters.

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