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We have been in the relocation industry since 1974 and work now on a global basis.  We utilize a cadre of support services.  Vendors with whom we have no obligation or affiliation, other than supplying them with the opportunity to serve our own valued clients - as long as they perform to our highly set standards.

It would be our pleasure to share the contact information with you for any and every one of the vendors you need.

There is no obligation on your part.  We want to give you a head start on this major challenge you are facing, both in your current and new location.

Interview them, and if you are not comfortable with what they offer, move on.

If you like, you can contact us, asking for additional options, and we'll send you alternate references.

In fact, we would appreciate your comments because if these service providers fall below our high standards, we want to hear about it, and remove them from the list of vendors we feel comfortable having on our perfered, suggested list.

As Jan Dickinson, Wheatherstone Press' primary author said, "We are going to be your new best friend: - and that is what best friends do, they help each other and share information.

If you would like to receive names and contact information for the service providers, review the list below, contact us with which services you would like referrals for, as well as where you are moving from, and to.  Give us your name and email address and we will get the information to you within two working-week days.

If you have a "rush-date" request, let us know.

As an option you can add your address, phone number and/or fax, and we can send you new book information.  Probably a card or fax saying "Check it out," or "a new book!"

Referral Services Offered:

  • Real Estate Agents - Current location
  • Real Estate Agent - New location
  • Rental Assistance - New location
  • Household Goods Mover
  • Self Mover Agencies
  • Rental Furniture
  • Tempoprary Housing Apartments
  • Mortgage Lender
  • Real Estate Appraiser - Current location
  • Automobile Movers
  • Pet Transportation Services
  • Insurance
  • Home Builders
  • Home Inspection
  • Tax Consulting




All orders are payable in US Funds, drawn on a US Bank

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