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Jan Dickinson, is CEO and President of The Dickinson Consulting Group and President of The Relocation CenterWheatherstone Press publishes Jan Dickinson's internationally acclaimed books covering all phases of relocation, both domestic and globally.

Jan's business background is extensive.  As Director of Public Relations and Promotions, she helped pioneer the first commercial UHF television station in the world.  She was employed by the City of Portland, Oregon to coordinate the urban renewal project developing their Memorial Coliseum complex.  During her assignment to relocate the Georgia Pacific Corp. headquarters facility and employees, she also served as Managing Director of the Georgia Pacific Finance Corporation.

Jan has written 39 books, which have been published, covering various phases of relocation, including The Group Move, Complete Guide To Family Relocation, and an international series covering how to live, work and do business in specific host countries, latest being the United States as a host country.  

She is a resource for national business magazines and newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

Jan is listed in numerous Who's Who publications, including Who's Who in America; Who's Who in US Writers, Editoral and Poets; and International Author's Who's Who.  She is a member of the International Platform Association, Forbes CEO Network, and appears frequently on national and regional radio and television shows.  

The Dickinson Consulting Group serves as the corporate representative in site selection both domestically and internationally.  The Dickinson Consulting Group works closely with many international companies in the Pacific Rim, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.

"The Relocation Center is the perfect partner in the employment process," according to Corwin Matthews, Human Resource executive.  "The communications they have with the core needs of the family and extended family, guiding them through the relocation policy and process, is something the company never has the time or ability to do," says Matthews, a long time client.

Employers outsource part or all of the corporate relocation function to The Relocation Center.  Each program they offer is tailored to the client's corporate culture and botttom line.

Wheatherstone Press publishes Jan Dickinson's internationally acclaimed books covering all phases of relocation, both domestic and globally.

A resource for people on the move, corporate administrators and service providers.

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